Cura Natural Health – Brand Design

A natural health brand inspired by Bauhaus design



The goal was to create a brand for a holistic health company based on the principles of Bauhaus design. Cura’s brand needed to embrace minimalism and place an emphasis on functionality, while still being attractive and distinct.

To accomplish a minimal design, I let the ‘Joschmi’ font do the heavy lifting, making some modifications to improve the kerning and rounding some of the squared edges in order to give the logotype a more natural, leaf-like appearance.

I then paired it with some secondary type, set in Futura Bold (a period appropriate choice). Futura was used due to it’s simplicity,  which allows the main logotype to shine.


  • Winner of Adobe Hidden Treasures Logo Design Contest
  • Featured in Adobe design blog
  • Featured in design blog
  • Featured in DesignHouse’s Monthly Design magazine


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