Necessities for Children – Brand Design

Creating a complete brand for a local non-profit that focuses on providing education and assistance to kids in need

Necessities for Children - Logo Design


During a two day brand strategy workshop with the Necessities for Children team, we uncovered a number of valuable insights that allowed us to discover the brand’s unique position in the crowded non-profit market, define key user personas, and outline some keywords that I could use to start shaping the visual direction.

For the visual direction, I set out to create a logo design and supporting brand identity that showcased the newly defined brand attributes. It was also important to ensure that this new visual approach appealed to both the key user personas and the children that interact with the organization.


Modern, community-oriented, and inspirational. Using the newly crafted brand strategy as a guide, I found ways to infuse those principles into every touch point of the brand.

The color palette and typography choices are trendy, bold, and eye-catching. Playful enough to appeal to the children the organization helps, but not to the point that the professionalism and trustworthiness of the brand is compromised.

When it came to portraying “community, connection, and inspiration”, we had our aha-moment when looking through photos of the children and volunteers interacting at Necessities for Children’s events. That feeling of connection, inspiration, and togetherness is shared in a special moment between the kids and volunteers, with a smile.

Seeing this, I knew that pursuing a logo design that incorporated this special moment would be a strong metaphor for the difference that the organization is making in lives of both the children and the volunteers.

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