XTERRA Adventures – Broadcast Design

Designing a dynamic on-air experience for an award-winning television series

XTERRA Adventures Logo - Mountains


XTERRA is an international adventure brand with a cult following of runners, mountain bikers, and endurance athletes. XTERRA is passionate about challenging triathletes around the world to push themselves to the limit, competing on some of the most breathtaking natural courses all over the globe.

I was approached to produce an on-air graphics package for their award-winning tv show, XTERRA Adventures, that would communicate their rugged, outdoorsy focus while also giving the brand more mass appeal.

While performing a competitive audit, I quickly realized that dirt splatters, grungy visual treatments, and bulky fonts are the norm in this space, but brands in that vein were not hitting home with XTERRA Adventure’s diverse group of triathletes and fans.

XTERRA’s participants are fearless, versatile, and unapologetically bold, so this was the perfect opportunity to re-align the XTERRA Adventures brand to match those attributes while giving them a modern edge.

XTERRA Adventures Logo - Before and After
XTERRA Adventures Logo
XTERRA Lower Third
XTERRA - Storyboard Sketches
XTERRA Cycling Kit 3
XTERRA - Womens Fitness Apparel
XTERRA - Apple Watch Running App 8bit

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